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Uno Online


Challenge playing colorful cards in this game

Uno Online is an online card game with many colorful cards and your task is to clear all your cards. The winner is the one who has no cards left first.

You probably already know that Uno is a board game that attracts many players. To play this game, you need a deck of uno cards with many different cards. If you don't have a deck of cards, you cannot play this board game. However, an online uno game was created to entertain many people. It still keeps the basic rules of the Uno game. You don't need to buy a deck of uno cards to still enjoy this game on mobile devices. The colored cards that appear on the screen are designed to resemble real cards.

How to win in Uno Online

To win this online game, you need to have 250 stars. You will collect stars by winning rounds. The faster you win, the more stars you gain. If you like multiplayer games, you can't skip Among Us Online.

Clear your cards

You are dealt a certain number of cards at the beginning of the game. Sometimes, you have to draw some cards from the face-up card column on the screen. Slowly get rid of your cards! When you only have 1 card left, remember to press the notification button to avoid being penalized. If you forget this, the game will automatically draw you 2 more cards.

The rules of color cards

To get rid of your cards, you need to place them in the card column in the middle of the screen. You can only place down cards of the same color or same letter as the card on the screen. There will be some special cards that you need to pay attention to. Some of these cards can help you reset the color of the card column or punish your opponent for drawing 2 or 3 more cards. You need to use these special cards very wisely.