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Retro Bowl


A nostalgic throwback

Retro Bowl brings the classic sports experience to players. The game is a great combination of retro graphics and classic gameplay. Are you ready?

Classic video games are inspiring to many modern video games. The pixel graphics and simple mechanics evoke a sense of nostalgia. These remind many gamers of the early days of gaming. This game has a sports theme which is classic football games. The game is designed with the basic rules and it's easy to play. Beside this game, I want to introduce you to another fun game called Tunnel Rush. This game can challenge your quick reflexes.

Mechanics of Retro Bowl

In this game, you have to play two roles including coach and quarterback of your team. Of course, your work is busy when you have to complete two roles.

Win the match

When you join the tournament as a quarterback, you will control the teammate who holds the ball. Then, you can perform some awesome leading to throw the ball to another member. Making some perfect strategies and adjusting your team are the best ways to break the opponent's defense. It's better to combine the offensive and defensive plays to win the match. In the tournament, you need to perform the actions quickly because your opponent can steal the ball.

Manage the team

You don't only build the team but also develop it by recruiting new players. Moreover, balancing the team's budget, member's morale, and performance is necessary in your work. Can you grown the strongest team in football history?

Game control

  • Drag the mouse and click the left mouse button to run and throw the ball
  • Press the A key to dive.