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Drive Mad


Drive unique vehicles to the finish line in this game

Drive Mad brings some special vehicles to you and you need to drive them to complete the mission. The road of this game isn't smooth for beginners.

Have you ever driven a car? This game will give you the opportunity to experience driving on bumpy terrain. You need good skills and handle situations quickly.

Avoid bumping on the ground

If your car bumps on the ground, it will explode immediately. At this point, you will have to start again from the starting point. If you exit the game, you can still continue to the last level. Keeping balance is important in driving games on bumpy roads. You need to tilt the car left or right to avoid flipping over. You need to adjust the vehicle's movement speed to match the upcoming terrain. Moving too fast is not recommended in this game.

Reach the finish line

The destination may be at the end of the road or you may have to drive backwards to get to your destination. Different terrains will be added to the game to make it more difficult. The early levels will be easy for anyone to pass. However, the following levels are very difficult for beginners. You need to hone your skills gradually.

The difficulties you face in Drive Mad

In this game, there are many challenges waiting for you on the way. The wheels in some levels are specially designed with a square shape so it is difficult to move in balance. In addition, the narrow road surrounded by water also gets you into trouble. Roads with large gaps will make it difficult for you to pass. I believe you can overcome these difficulties after a few tries. There is another game that is more difficult. That’s Geometry Dash Online which is a fast-paced game.