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Experience a single-player fighting game

EvoWars.io is an exciting multiplayer game where you have to defeat many opponents around the world. Many modes are also an attraction in this game.

Are you ready for great battles? In this game, you will be taken to an arena where there are mighty warriors. Battles between warriors are inevitable. Hand agility is the key to winning this game.

Earn experience points

Experience points help your heroes become stronger. He will evolve and have different armor sets. The hero's speed and size will also change. His weapon will get longer and bigger after he levels up. Even though he became larger, his movement speed was still quite slow. You can collect some gems on the road or in the wooden boxes to get experience points.

Attack the enemy

You should kill enemies that are the same size as you or smaller than you. Always point your weapon towards the enemy. Then, slash at the enemy quickly. One slash of yours can knock the enemy down. Of course, you also need to dodge attacks from enemies.

Some modes in EvoWars.io

You can enjoy multiple modes in this game instead of just one mode like in Dino Jump. There are 4 modes in this game including Duel - 1 vs 1, FFA, Teams and Offline.

  • In Duel - 1 vs 1 mode, you only have one opponent. This will be a random and random evolution opponent.
  • FFA (Free For All) is a classic mode for everyone. When participating in this mode, anyone becomes your opponent.
  • Team mode allows you to form teams with other players. Your team will fight and destroy another team on the map.
  • Offline mode is your battle with AI. This mode is good for practice. Of course, you will not receive any awards in this mode.