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Halloween Geometry Dash


Control the character in this game

Halloween Geometry Dash is an addictive game with nine thrilling levels. Immerse yourself in a captivating Halloween-themed world with rhythmic gameplay.

This is the new version of the Geometry Dash series which has a Halloween theme. Thus, you can see geometry with a bat appearance which is moving on the road. The background is dark and contains many deadly traps. You have to help the main character overcome traps, otherwise, the game will end. You may make some mistakes because the color of the geometry and the background is the same. Do you have sharp eyes and quick fingers?

Change the character in each level of Halloween Geometry Dash

This game provides two main characters which are a bat geometry dash and a witch. The geometry dash only can slide and jump while the witch can fly in the air.

Bat geometry dash

When the main character is in the geometry form, you can control it as in Geometry Hardcore. You need to jump it up to overcome many sharp spikes and blocks on the ground. If the geometry gets stuck and stops at a position, you'll lose this game.

The witch

When the character switches into a witch, she flies in the air. You have to tackle the dangers on the ground and in the air. Keep the character in the air without colliding with any obstacles or blocks. You need to tap on the screen or use the mouse to fly up. As soon as you release the button, the character will fall down.