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Smash Karts


Drive karts and participate in fun battles

Smash Karts creates an exciting arena for all players around the world. You need to drive a kart and attack opponents while moving on the road.

This game has unique animated 3D graphics and it is suitable for all ages. Adorable cartoon characters will drive special convertibles. These vehicles can be equipped with different weapons to fight opponents. You need to knock your opponent out of the ring or you will be the loser. Opponents can appear anywhere on the road. Therefore, always observing the surroundings is an essential skill for you.

How to get first on the map in Smash Karts

In this game, you have to beat as many karts as possible to win this battle. Take a look at the leaderboard where you can see the rankings of the top players in battle.

Beat opponents before time's up

Each battle has a timer, increasing the difficulty of the game. You will move around the map to face different opponents. You don't have time to admire the scenery around you because time passes so quickly. So, you need to practice them in combat and defeat opponents near you.

Pick up the secret boxes

Mysterious boxes are scattered on the stage and you just need to collect them. These mysterious boxes will contain many useful things for you such as guns, artillery, booms, mines, etc. They are your main source of weapons in this game. However, you can only use the weapons you've earned once, and you have to quickly open the next secret box to get a new weapon.

Be careful of your opponent's traps and attacks

You can avoid traps placed on the road such as mines, bombs, or poison. It's better to move constinously because standing still makes you become an easy target for your opponents. You can try to keep a distance from armed opponents. This game offers exciting tense experiences like in Geometry Dash Ghost House.