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Geometry Dash Ghost House


Enjoy a new fan-made version of the Geometry Dash game

Geometry Dash Ghost House is set up as a ghost house that contains tons of obstacles. You have to navigate a cube to avoid the dangers on the way.

As you know, the Geometry Dash series is really famous. They attract millions of players in the world. With simple graphics and gameplay, many fan-made versions were released such as Geometry Dash Meltdown. This game is also a fan-made version which is inspired by a ghost house. This game will test your agility and control skills through many obstacles along the way.

What you need to do in Geometry Dash Ghost House

There are a lot of dangers that can break your cube. Thus, you must keep the cube safe from these obstacles. Controlling the cube jump over the barriers is the only way to avoid danger.

Navigate the cube

The cube slides forward automatically and it doesn't know how to dodge the barriers. That's the reason why you will help it jump up. The speed of this cube is incredible. Therefore, you need to estimate the time and the distance to have correct jumps. With one mistake, you will lose this game immediately. Don't forget to jump on the colorful dots and springs! They are considered as special platforms.

Collect three coins

This is not a mandatory task. You can still get to the end and beat this game without collecting all 3 coins. However, you can increase the difficulty of the game by trying to get all 3 coins. This will not be an easy task for those with poor skills. Therefore, you need to practice a lot before you want to complete this difficult task.

How to control

  • If you play on PC, click the left mouse button to play.
  • If you play on mobile, tap on the screen to play.