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Slope 3


The adventure in Slope 3

The third installment Slope 3 invites you to start an endless adventure in Slope City. Rush forward like a Mustang and dodge all block obstacles along the way.

In this game, your objective is to guide a rolling ball through interconnected slopes while avoiding obstacles. The track is fraught with moving obstacles that can cause the ball to explode upon collision. By steering the ball left or right, you can skillfully dodge the obstacles. Furthermore, you will encounter insurmountable leaps, requiring them to jump as high as possible. You can overcome the leaps of the road thanks to slanted boards at the end of each slope. Falling off the track or crashing into tunnel walls makes you lose. The game's endless racetrack encourages you to strive for your personal best and achieve the highest possible score. You also can join in another adventure with many challenges in Geometry Dash Online.

How to control

  • Use Left-Right Arrow Keys or A-D keys to control the ball to move left or right.
  • Use an Up Arrow Key or W key to accelerate the speed of the ball

Additional features of Slope 3

Leaderboard and Platform

This game offers a comprehensive leaderboard system, including daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time rankings. After completing a run, you can submit your scores and track your progress on the leaderboards, displaying the names and scores of top players. This feature fosters healthy competition among you, motivating them to achieve higher scores and secure a coveted rank on the leaderboard. The current best record is 80089 point, so I hope you can overcome this record.

Additionally, this running game is accessible across various platforms, including web browsers, PCs, and mobile devices. This cross-platform availability allows you to enjoy the game unblocked at school or on the go, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment and excitement.

Captivating theme

This game boasts a visually appealing purple and blue neon theme, which not only adds an aesthetic charm but also ensures extended play sessions without straining the eyes. The city's sky is adorned with glowing stars, providing you with a scintillating backdrop as you embark on your endless journey. So, don't wait any longer! Dive into the thrilling adventures of this game and experience moments of excitement and entertainment that will keep you engaged for hours on end.