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Run 3


Run in the galaxy

Run 3 is an online game that requires agility and control skills. You will navigate an alien that moves continuously in a tunnel. Be careful with some dangers!

You have to face many dangers in the beautiful galaxy. If the alien falls out of the tunnel, you will lose the game. So, be careful with gaps in the tunnel. The character will automatically run forward. So, you just need to help him jump up and move left or right.

The difficulties you encounter

First, you will be surprised at how many gaps there are in the tunnel. They appear continuously and cause many players difficulty. As the character's speed increases, these gaps appear more and more. Besides gaps, weak platforms also contribute to the game's difficulty. These platforms will fall into space if your character jumps on them. After they fall, gaps will appear again. These barriers will prevent the character's footsteps. They rise from flat platforms.

Two game modes

You can experience many levels in adventure mode. This mode reminds me of the levels in Geometry Dash Online. Besides, you will have the opportunity to challenge your limits with Infinite mode. In this mode, there will be no end point. You just try to move as far as possible.

Keep the character safe in Run 3

Your character's safety directly affects your success. If the character falls into the gaps, you will lose.

Avoid dangers

You are probably aware of the difficulties mentioned above. How to overcome them? You will have two ways to avoid them. First, you can use jumps to overcome gaps or barriers. However, some gaps are too wide or the road is too dangerous. At this point, switch to a new, safer lane. Depending on the situation, come up with reasonable solutions.

Unlock new skins

Your character has quite unique skins. However, they need to be unlocked. You will travel a long distance to unlock these skins. These skins only appear after you unlock them.

Game control

  • Press the up arrow to jump
  • Use the right arrow to move right
  • Use the left arrow to move left.

Some tips and tricks to play Run 3

  • Playing on a large screen always bring the best experience to gamers. Of course, you should enjoy it in the full-screen mode.
  • The game data is saved after you turn off the game. Therefore, you can continue the level when you enter the game at the next time.
  • You should observe obstacles quickly and come up with a plan immediately to avoid them. Fast reactions can be formed after you practice hard.