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Geometry Dash Breeze


All lands in Geometry Dash Breeze

Do you want to embark on the wonderful adventure in Geometry Dash Breeze now? Your destination of the finish line in the land and collect coins.

Over The Clouds

The first destination of your adventure is Over The Clouds. This is also known as the easiest level in this game. The design of this level is inspired by the game Flappy Bird. Therefore, while controlling the character to run or fly to explore this land, you can see many green walls, colorful high walls, clouds, and a giant yellow bird. This makes you feel like entering the fairy tale world. However, do not let the beautiful landscapes distract you because there are numerous obstacles along the way. You must pay a high concentration to avoid colliding with them. Besides, another task is to gather three coins along the way. Here are the suggestions about the positions of all coins in this land.

  • The first coin is located at 19%. After evading the rainbow and cloud, you can collect this coin.
  • The second coin can be found at 40%. At this time, this coin appears on the ground.
  • The final coin appears at 94%.

Into The Zone

Next, you should choose this level to discover the Into The Zone. In this land, you will encounter more dangerous obstacles which appear more frequently. One dominant aspect of this level is the theme. Its theme looks so attractive. Like the previous level, this level requires you not only to reach the finish line soon but also to pick up three coins.

  • The first coin can be collected when you go 23% of the road.
  • The second coin can be found at 37%.
  • The third coin is located at 67%.

Ghost Ship stage

As its name suggests, the map in this game is full of lava pools. If you fall into the lava, you will be forced to return to the starting point and start the adventure again. Therefore, try to fly or run as fast as possible to avoid colliding hazards in the land. If you want to know where you can find the coins, here are the suggestions.

  • The first coin appears at 8%.
  • The second coin can be found at 62%. Because this coin is really near the lava pool.
  • The final coin appears at 98%. You can collect it before joining the group.

How to control: Press the spacebar or tap the screen to make the character jump or fly up.

The game modes in Geometry Dash Breeze

Besides interesting levels, you are also allowed to select the game mode. You can select the Practice game mode if you want to practice your skill. Meanwhile, the Normal Mode is designed for you to start the adventure without support. It means that you are not allowed to set the checkpoints in this game. You also experience the same modes in Geometry Dash Online. If you don't believe me, you can experience this game by yourself.