Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online is never an out-of-date game. You need to overcome the roads full of thorns and monsters to prove your skills. Reach the end of the road!

If you love running games, you can't miss this geometry game. There are many fan-made versions but this version has the most levels. The game has 3 levels with different terrains. You may be wondering what makes this game so popular.

Exciting runs in Geometry Dash Online

This game is inspired by other Geometry Dash games. With similar gameplay, you will easily get used to the rules of the game for a few minutes. This game is about the exciting journey of Geometry. This special character has amazing speed but he cannot avoid the dangers on his own. He needs to find a way out of this world by going to the end of the path. This small character will be destroyed if you do not help it stay away from the obstacles. Good luck to you!

How to play Geometry Dash Online

Now I will show you how to overcome some obstacles along the way. The obstacles or monsters are very dangerous, so you have to avoid them.

Avoid colliding with anything

This game takes you to an extremely dangerous world. Anything along the way can break your geometry because they have terrible damage. Your character will be destroyed to small pieces if you accidentally touch these obstacles. Therefore, you have to stay away from them by all means, like jumping or flying over them. Falling into the gaps can lead to the geometry's death. In addition, while flying the UFO, you must avoid touching the spikes above and below. It is best to keep the character in the middle in the air when flying. In addition, changing gravity also helps avoid dangers. However, this ability is only useful in certain stages.

Catch the items

The way does not only contain obstacles and monsters. You can find some coins and keys on the way. Collecting 3 gold coins is not a required task to pass a level. However, you can prove your ability through this difficult task. The coins are always placed in unexpected positions. Each level has 3 coins located in different mini-stages. You need to observe and locate the coins, and then collect them. Besides the coins, this journey has some keys that can light up the terrain around you.

Some outstanding levels in Geometry Dash Online

There are 15 levels for you to choose from. This game lets you experience all the difficult levels of the Geometry Dash series. You will have the same goal at these levels where you have to go through the exit gate. The first levels are Easy and Normal levels but the difficulty level increases in the later levels. It's too complicated to introduce all 15 levels to you, so I just talk a little about three classic levels.

Stereo Madness

This is probably a familiar level for every gamer who loves the Geometry Dash series. This level is also an easy level and suitable for new players. The obstacles do not appear continuously. So, you have more time to observe the terrain and make the right decisions. In addition, the character's speed is also quite slow. This is an ideal level to warm up before moving on to more difficult levels. In this level, your character will have two main shapes, a cube and a UFO. If it is a cube, you will help it jump over the obstacles. If the character flies a UFO, you need to help it fly into the air. The puzzle in this level is easier than the others.

Back On Track

Completing the progress bar on the screen aims to pass this level. New obstacles appear at this level. They are the yellow springs that help you jump higher and further. Then, you can reach the platforms which are far from you. When your character drives a UFO, don't forget to follow the white arrow for directive instructions. The geometry speed in this level is a bit faster and the obstacles will also be a bit more. However, the level did not count as a difficult level. You just need to react a little faster to pass this level.


This is probably the more difficult level than the previous two because it belongs to the normal levels. Speed and obstacles are the problems that make you have to play this level again and again. At this level, the circle hooks appear in the air. They can help your character jump in the air. You only need to make a mistake and the game will be over immediately.

How I can rule this game

You need time to be able to conquer this game. The professional gamers commented that patience and practice are very important to play Geometry Dash Online. As a result, you should spend more time practicing it in practice mode. Instead of starting the level again from the starting point, you can continue your journey from the last point where your geometry was destroyed in practice mode. This is possible thanks to checkpoints in the form of green gems. You can change the skins in the main menu. These skins are available without unlocking or purchasing. Now, let's choose your favorite skins and change their color. I have a small note that you should choose colors that stand out on the background color. This is one of the fun games you should try in this series! Geometry Dash Online will not let you down.

Explore more information about this online game

The first version was released in 2013 but it's still a trend until now. Many famous streamers review this game and give positive feedback. You don't need to install the game on your devices because you can play Geometry Dash online directly on the browser. This is more convenient and you can save space for your device. This game will gradually practice your skills through different levels. You can play this game anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. You can have relaxing moments with friends or colleagues at school or work.