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Jet Halloween


About the game

Jet Halloween creates a wonderful Halloween atmosphere where you see pumpkins, spiders, and monsters. They're very dangerous, so let's avoid them.

Halloween is approaching, what have you prepared for this day? Here, we want to send you a game with a Halloween theme. Witches with green faces, monster stumps and giant spiders will be added to this game. Although the atmosphere seems gloomy, it is not scary with cartoon graphics. You will help the witch stay safe by avoiding all obstacles in the air.

Fly as far as possible in Jet Halloween

There is no destination in this game, so you need to move the witch the furthest distance. To do this, you need the following notes. If you want to become a witch with magic power, let's come to Magic Cat Academy.

Avoid everything in the air

Spiders floating in the air or tall, strange trees are all dangers of the witch. Just by touching them, the witch will fall immediately. She's flying in the sky, so dodge through the deadly traps. Witch speed will become faster and faster. So, you need to quickly avoid the monsters in the dark forest.

Score high scores

Each time you pass a tree and a spider you will receive one point. So, the more you pass them, the more points you will get. Don't forget to show off your skills with your friend throught this game. Let's see who has the highest score. If you are a newbie, it's hard to get high scores on the first try. Therefore, practicing is encouraged in this game. Don't forget to share your score if you can get the high one.

Game control: click the left mouse button to fly up and release it to drop down. Tap on the screen to play if you enjoy this game on the mobile.