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Magic Cat Academy


Protect the Magic Academy

You have to prevent an invasion of ghosts in Magic Cat Academy. They have sneaked into the magic academy and you need to help the magical cat eliminate them.

Invasion of ghosts

The game has many levels and each level will have a final boss. They will be stronger than regular ghosts. You need to defeat them all with the magic stick. The peaceful magic school has been disrupted by ghosts. They want to dominate this school but the magical cat won't let this happen. He alone must fight against dozens of other strong opponents. Will a miracle happen? He needs your help.

Game control

  • Use the mouse to draw shapes if you play on the computer.
  • If you play on your phone, tap on the screen.

For more games with simple control, Run 3 should be your choice.

Eliminate the ghosts in Magic Cat Academy

You won't be fighting ghosts directly, but you'll be using magic to take them out from afar. Remember not to let them approach your cat. The cat only has a certain number of lives. When he runs out of hearts, the game will end.

Draw the correct shapes

You can see many different shapes on the ghosts' head. You just need to draw these shapes correctly to attack the enemy. These shapes are quite simple and take little time to draw. You need to draw their exact order quickly. The number of enemies and their speed will become faster and faster. In addition, the pictures on them will also be more.

Face many ghosts

It is common for the number of souls to increase in levels. What should you do in these cases? First, you need to be calm. Destroying each ghost one by one is what you should do. Prioritize attacking enemies near you first. The speed must be fast because there are many other people surrounding you.