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Cookie Clicker


Have fun with a simple game

Cookie Clicker allows you to own cookies with one click. You will use these cookies to buy more useful buildings. Then, you can build your own cookie island.

Simple cake recipe

In fact, you won't need to follow any cake recipes in this game. You just need to click to create a cake. The faster you click, the more cakes you create. Of course, this will take a lot of your effort. Therefore, a number of projects have been created to help you create cookies automatically.

Eye-catching graphics

This game has extremely simple gameplay but its graphics will surprise you. Cookies that are baked until golden brown will have the most realistic design. In addition, other buildings and characters are also drawn in a very cute cartoon style. With graphics and easy gameplay, kids will love these games.

How to play Cookie Clicker

You see a giant cookie on the screen. You just need to click on it to create other small cookies. The more mini cookies, the richer you will become.

Accumulate cookies

The more cookies you have, the upgrades and buildings you can unlock to increase cookie production. Let's accumulate lots of cookies. There are some players who have even accumulated millions of cookies and purchased a lot of buildings. Good luck.

Purchase upgrades and buildings

Use the cookies you have earned to purchase upgrades and buildings from the in-game store. Upgrades enhance the efficiency of your cookie production, while buildings automate the process by generating cookies for you even when you're not actively clicking.

List some main structures in Cookie Clickers

  • Cursors: Cursors are the first structure available in the game. They generate cookies by clicking on the big cookie.
  • Grandmas: Grandmas are an essential structure in Cookie Clicker. They bake cookies with love and care. Grandmas have a higher cookie production rate compared to cursors and play a significant role in your cookie generation.
  • Farms: Farms allow you to grow cookie plants, increasing your cookie production. They are more efficient than grandmas and provide a substantial boost to your cookie output.
  • Mines: Mines dig deep into the ground to extract cookie-rich resources. They generate cookies at an even higher rate than farms and contribute to your overall cookie production.
  • Factories: Factories manufacture cookies on an industrial scale. They have a higher production rate than mines and are crucial for maximizing your cookie generation.
  • Banks: Banks store your cookies and generate interest over time. They provide a passive income stream, increasing your cookie count even when you're not actively playing.

You can even play this idle game and Geometry Dash Online at the same time. I'm sure it's very fun!