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Geometry Dash Lite


The addictive playing rules of Geometry Dash Lite

What about embarking on the game Geometry Dash Lite? It is time to conquer 15 wonderful lands and reach the finish line to win this adventure game.

Adrenaline adventures

One of the biggest challenges of this game is the fact that you are easy to die. The dangers are scattered along the way, you can easily collide with them easily. The only way to evade these hazards is to jump or fly up. Of course, if you want to jump or fly higher, consider utilizing the jump pads and jump rings. Note that these jump pads and jump rings are classified into many types. You can look at their colors to distinguish them.

  • Yellow jump pad/ jump ring: This jump pad will launch you with a medium height.
  • Pink jump pad/ jump ring: If you jump on this jump pad, you can jump at a small height.
  • Red jump pad/ jump ring: If you want to jump with a large height, you can utilize the red jump pad.

Besides jump pads and jump rings, you can utilize the gravity rings or pads to change your gravity. The dash power-ups also appear to help you raise your flying or running speed.

The hunt for gold coins

This game offers not only thrilling adventures in wonderful lands but also the hunt for gold coins. These coins can be collected while you travel to the land. Some coins are located next to the obstacles. Therefore, you must control the character skilfully to collect these coins while dodging the obstacles. It is a hard task that challenges your quick reflexes, fingers, and exact timing. To master all skills, you must play this game regularly.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or tap the screen to make the character jump,

All levels in Geometry Dash Lite

Like the original version, this lite version also has enough levels including Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, and Insane levels. When speaking in the Easy levels in this game, I recommend Stereo Madness: and Back On Track. In contrast, levels like xStep, Culletrfield, and Time Machine are designed to satisfy experienced gamers. You should choose a suitable level and play. Make sure that you beat this level before stepping to another higher level. Your adventure will be completed when you can discover 15 lands and win all 15 levels in this game. Don't forget to enjoy other versions of the Geometry Dash series such as Geometry Dash Breeze on this site.