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Geometry Hardcore


Conquer a challenging world in this game

Geometry Hardcore requires you to control a square that is sliding on the way. You need to keep the square safe and navigate it to the end of the road.

This game is set up in a colorful world with many geometries. This world isn't safe because there are tons of deadly obstacles on the road. The moving saws can crash your square into pieces. The square can't avoid these obstacles by itself. So, it needs your help. The speed of this square is very quick and it can't stop. You must control the square to jump over obstacles. Agility and quick reflexes are very important in almost all Geometry Dash games. In this famous series, you also can enjoy Geometry Jump World.

How to conquer Geometry Hardcore

You just need to remember to complete the adventure to conquer this game. Facing the challenges is what you need to do.

Finish the run

You can see a progress bar on the screen which shows your path. When this bar is full, you win the game. This game has no checkpoint. So, you must restart at the start point when the square collides with any obstacle. The road of this adventure is quite long, so you need to pay attention to the running. With a wrong movement, the game will end.

Jump over traps

The pitfalls are very dangerous. They are not hidden but appear prominently on the road. They come in different sizes, positions and shapes. Their point is that they can destroy your square. There's no way you can solve them by jumping over them.

Collect stars

The stars scattered throughout the path are treasures in this game. Catching these stars is not a mandatory task. However, this is recommended to be able to unlock some new skins. When you have enough stars, you can unlock your favorite skins in the store.