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Geometry Jump World


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Geometry Jump World is a jumping game where you have to navigate a symbol to overcome many obstacles. You have to restart if your symbol is broken.

This game has fast-paced gameplay, so your fingers must be quick. Your character will slide forward automatically. Therefore, you just need to help it jump up. However, the character also changes its mode. It can fly or run as a robot. You need to reflect quickly to be compatible with each character's mode. You must control the character to avoid all dangers on the way. You should remember that your symbol is very fragile.

Unlock new lands in Geometry Jump World

This game has two lands that are locked. You must pass over levels one by one to open this land. Dashland has five levels while Toxic Factory has six levels. The speed of the symbol is faster and faster while the traps are increasingly more.

Reach the final exit

You can find an exit at the end of the road. Going through this exit can help you pass a level. Of course, you must keep the character safe before it moves through the exit. Many different obstacles on the way will challenge your skills.

Jump, fly, and run over obstacles

As you know, your character can slide on the ground. When it goes through a portal, it can change into a UFO. At that time, you need to keep the character in the middle of the air. Turning into a robot isn't too different from cube mode. Your final target is to avoid all the obstacles and reach the end of the road.

This game only has some levels. After you can complete them, you can continue to test your skills with Geometry Dash SubZero.

Game control: Click the left mouse button or tap on the screen to play.