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Dino Jump


Ready for a new adventure of dinosaurs

Dino Jump is a jumping game which is inspired by a classic game. You control a retro dinosaur to run on an endless road with thousands of obstacles.

You may know of a dino game in Chrome when your devices disconnect from the Internet. Now, this game is remade with more interesting features. However, this new game still keeps the familiar gameplay of the classic game. The graphics are also designed with a white and grey theme. The dinosaurs and obstacles are drawn in a retro style. However, the dinosaur can move very flexibly. You want to find the difference between the two dinosaurs of the two games so that you can experience this game.

Run forward in Dino Jump

In this game, your target is to move for a far distance. The road of this game is endless, so you can't reach the destination. However, you can try your best to get a high score.

Jump or avoid the dangers

There are bones, bushes, rocks, etc on the road. All of them are the obstacles you have to avoid. The dinosaur runs forward automatically but it can jump by itself. So you will help it. When the dinosaur comes close to the obstacles, click the left mouse button to jump over. The dangers do not only appear on the ground, but they're also in the air. Therefore, you must avoid all of them to keep the dinosaur safe.

Change the dinosaur while running

On the adventure, you can switch to another kind of dinosaur. You don't have to select new skins or dinosaurs in the main menu like in Geometry Hardcore. On the track, the dinosaurs will automatically transform when passing certain points. You will have the opportunity to see many different dinosaurs. Sometimes you'll even control a flying dinosaur. You need to help it fly in the sky and not collide with other flying dinosaurs.