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Tunnel Rush


Test your quick reaction

Tunnel Rush is a speed game suitable for improving your agility. Steer quickly to avoid collisions with deadly obstacles on the way. Have fun!

Avoid obstacles

You will see red obstacles along the way. You automatically move forward, so avoiding obstacles is what you must do. A little mistake can make you lose in this game. You even have to face moving obstacles. Could you guess the obstacle's movements and avoid them?

Experience fast speed

You no longer control a character like in Geometry Dash Meltdown. This game allows you to move in first person. When you play this game on a big screen, you feel like you are moving. Sometimes, you are even startled when you bump into red obstacles on the screen.

Move for the farthest distance in Tunnel Rush

This is not a game with many levels. There is only one path and it is endless. This road can be a tunnel with many colors or a real road in the universe. No matter what terrain you must travel on, you must ensure your safety. Don't hit any barriers! You can follow the distance you travel and your speed per second.

Game control: use the left and right arrows to navigate.

Tips to conquer Tunnel Rush

  • Music is the driving force for every fast-paced game. Therefore, you should turn on the game music to follow the game rhythm.
  • No one becomes good the first time. So, practicing for a long can enhance your control skills. Your distance can be longer when you play for many times.
  • Focus on the obstacles instead of the colors along the way. Bright colors will make you lose focus.