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Among Us Online


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Among Us Online allows you to enter a spaceship that has many other players. You need to kill the other characters in this spaceship to complete the mission.

This online multiplayer game was very popular before. There are many players who have participated in this game and challenged their logical thinking. In this game the main characters are crew members and a traitor. However, the crew members did not know exactly who the traitor was because he also pretended to be a crew member. As soon as he gets the chance, he will kill the remaining crew members. This made many crew members tremble in fear. In this game, you can become a normal crew member or a traitor. If you want to test your agility, you should try Geometry Dash Online.

Play 2 roles in Among Us Online

You can experience two different perspectives when participating in two different modes in this game. You can participate in any match and become an imposter. However, you can invite your friends to a private match and your mission will be random.

Become a crew member

Being a crew member means you need to avoid being killed by traitors. Traitors can be anyone around you so move in a large group. If you are alone with another person, you are likely to be in danger. Please report immediately when you see a dead body on the spacecraft.

Become a traitor

If you are an imposter, find ways to kill the characters on the ship silently. Never let others know your plans. When defeating someone, you can hide under the vents to avoid detection. Of course, your time to complete the mission is limited and you can follow it on the left corner of the screen.