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Suika Game


Play fruit-themed games

Suika Game is a color game with attractive gameplay for every player. Your task is to create new fruits by combining similar fruits in a small container.

This game gives you 10 fruits with increasing sizes such as cherry, grape, strawberry, orange, etc. You will play with these colorful fruits. When you create a new fruit, it will be larger than the previous fruit. These fruits are even as light as balloons and they will sometimes float. This will take up quite a lot of space in the container.

Create space in a container in the Suika Game

Your task is to score as many points as possible by combining fruits. Every time you combine two of the same fruit together, you will receive a certain number of points.

Drop the fruit into the container

The game gives you certain fruits. You need to drop them all into the container. The number of fruits that the game offers is infinite while the area of the container is very small. Therefore, you need to arrange and drop the fruits properly. Try to let the same fruits touch each other to create a new fruit.

Not touching the top-line

The top of the container is a line. If any fruit touches this, the game will end. When the number of fruits in the container is too much, they will easily touch this line. You need to create a lot of space in the container to accommodate more fruit. If you are a big fan of defense games, you can't skip Bloons Tower Defense.