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Bloons Tower Defense


Build a solid tower in this game

Bloons Tower Defense is a defense game that requires you to protect your tower from balloons. You need to arrange your army along the road to finish the task.

The tower's entrance is at the end of the road and the balloons want to enter this. These balloons must go through a long road before reaching the entrance. Your task is to prevent them by setting up the warriors and fortresses along the road. The balloons are divided into many kinds which have different powers. You need to add strong warriors and fortresses into your army to fight against the balloons.

Break the coming balloons in Bloons Tower Defense

You can see many colorful balloons on each level. Although these balloons have an appealing appearance, they are very dangerous. If one balloon enters your tower, you'll lose one health point. Until your HP runs out, the game will end immediately.

Utilize all functions of warriors and fortresses

There are many kinds of fortresses that have different features. When you understand the fortresses' strengths and weaknesses, you can set them up in the correct position. For example, some ice fortresses can freeze the balloons for a short time. The warriors in this game are the monkeys who can shoot the balloons. The normal monkeys can break balloons slowly but the super monkeys have incredible speed.

Get much money

In this game, the monkey is very important because they can be used to purchase warriors and fortresses. The more powerful warriors or fortresses are very expensive, so you need to save a lot of money. You can earn money from breaking the balloons. In this game site, you have a chance to explore a special house in House of Hazards.