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House of Hazards


Welcome to house of hazards in this game

House of Hazards is a hard game that requires you to complete many missions. Players have to follow the to-do list of this game in order to get a victory.

Have you ever seen a house with tons of traps on it? The game developers design a special house for fans of adventure games. Five players enter this house and try to complete the given mission. They have to solve many puzzles to avoid being attacked. Any objects or furniture in the house can be a dangerous weapon, so you need to be careful. Of course, the player who finishes all tasks first will become the champion in this game. If you are a newbie, you should skip the tutorial at the beginning.

Complete all to-do list in House of Hazards

You are a big fan of extreme sports, so the hazards of this house can capture your heart. You have to overcome many traps without being hit. Can you be a master of this dangerous house? You and the other players will compete together in this special house.

Get experience from opponents or after failures

Traps will be set up at each certain location. On the first try, it's hard to define and avoid the sudden traps. For example, the water hose is also a gun or a giant wheel that falls from the tree. You may get trapped the first time you experience it. However, you just need to remember the traps you've encountered before to avoid them in the future. In addition, observing your opponents will also help you remember some of the traps they encounter. From there, you will come up with a plan to overcome these pitfalls after knowing where and how they work.

Spin increases power

After a while, the spin will appear and choose the luckiest player. Whoever is chosen can receive an ability useful towards completing the quest. However, in the spinning wheel, each player will be given a part. Whoever has a larger part in the spinning wheel will have a higher chance of receiving power. However, only those who complete many tasks can get a large part on the spinning wheel. Do you want to enjoy another multiplayer game, 1v1.LOL is a shooting game with many players around the world.