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Stickman Climb 2


Ready to pass over many levels in this game

Stickman Climb 2 is an action game where stickman doesn't move on their legs. You need to help the character overcome many different terrains in this game.

This game offers many levels which can bring much fun to you. Your target is to reach the destination. However, the terrain is too difficult with many blocks on the way. You need to move the character cleverly. Moreover, some deadly traps are also put on the way. Don't let your character collide with them! You have to pass 45 levels to conquer this game. For a more fun game, Slope Ball should be your choice.

How to reach the destination in Stickman Climb 2

This game isn't hard to play. You just need to spend some minutes understanding the game rules.

Take advantage of hammers

The stickman is sitting on a box, so he can't move as flexibly as in the other games. He only can use the hammer to move forward and reach a higher position. You will take advantage of the hammer's leverage to lift the stickman forward. You must identify the direction, and then move. Otherwise, the character may fall into the saws or spikes.

Avoid the obstacles

As I mentioned, the saws and spikes are very dangerous. They can hurt your character. You must dodge them as soon as you come close to these traps. You should complete a level within a short time.

Customize the game

In this game, you can select 1-player or 2-player modes. You can invite a friend to join this game. You and your friend compete together. Let's see who reaches the finish line quicker. Otherwise, you can play alone in 1-player mode. Moreover, you also can customize the character's skins and his box. However, you must watch a short ad to unlock these skins.