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Slope Ball


Help the ball escape the dangerous world

Slope Ball is about the adventure of a ball that has good jumping ability. He has to face tons of obstacles and dangers on the way. Let's help him!

The world of this game is very colorful but it's also extremely dangerous. You can see many sharp spikes along the way. They can break the ball with one touch. Therefore, it's better to avoid them. The ball is astray in this hazardous world. He needs to go through the exit gate at the end of the road which can help him escape from the strange world. He just can move forward, so you'll navigate him.

Run to the end of the way in Slope Ball

The road is long and divided into small parts. You must control the character's move from the start point to the end point without stopping or hitting the obstacles. If you collide with any objects on the way, the game will end immediately.

Dodge and jump over the obstacles

This game has the same gameplay as Geometry Dash Breeze. You can press the up arrow or click the left mouse button to jump the character up. You must have correct jumps by calculating the time. The quick reflex is necessary because the character must run through many different terrains.

Three stages in this game

The adventure is divided into 3 stages which are Xpart, Truth, and Dark Trip. Each stage has mini-levels. You just need to complete these levels to pass over a stage. Of course, the levels are increasingly challenging. Moreover, you also can change the new characters. You can choose any character you like from the main menu.