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Ships 3D


Explore the vast ocean in this game

Ships 3D provides you with armed ships to move across the vast ocean. You will meet other opponents and ships on the ocean and the battle will break out.

The game has 3D graphics that create realistic ocean waves. The characters are also quite cute and there are no scary shooting scenes. In addition, this game also draws a deep ocean with many islands that contain interesting things. However, exploring the ocean is not your main purpose, your mission is to win against your opponents. You may also like another game with 3D graphics like Mr. Bullet Big Bang.

Your mission after boarding the boat in Ships 3D

First, you need to choose one of the boats near the island. A boat needs 2 people to pilot it and use cannons. You can cooperate with another player in the team or a bot will accompany you.

Drive a boat

You can choose to steer the boat to move the boat depending on the current situation. You need to move the boat to approach the opponent for your teammates to fire. In addition, controlling the boat to a safe location is also your task in this game.

Fire on enemy boats

Both sides of the boat are equipped with two large cannons. You need to move next to these cannons to use them. Turn this cannon straight at the enemy and fire. When opponents don't have boats, it will be more difficult for them to move and attack.