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Mr. Bullet Big Bang


Shoot at the targets in this game

Mr. Bullet Big Bang is a fun shooting game with a unique theme. You will push a man to reach the shields on the screen to complete the levels.

This game has the main character Mr. Bullet who likes adventure games. He was placed inside a cannon and was shot into the air like a bullet. To complete a level in this game, you need to help Mr Bullet touch the shields far away from him. Of course, this task will not be easy because there are many obstacles surrounding the shields. You need to be very smart and skillful because your number of shots is limited.

A few tips for playing Mr. Bullet Big Bang

This game has a fairly simple goal but is difficult to complete. You need some skills to be able to shoot accurately without wasting shots. You can improve your shooting skills with Suika Game.

Learn barriers

The cannon will be a certain distance away from the shields. The panels are carefully shielded by barriers. Character Mr. Bullet can destroy wooden or ice barriers but he cannot cause iron barriers to break. So, sometimes you will have to solve the puzzle of how to touch the shield without destroying the iron barriers.

Learn the buttons and mechanics

Barriers are not the only thing that makes it difficult for you. You can even see long bars controlled by buttons. You need to use Mr Bullet to press these buttons and make the long bars move. Also, pay attention to the pair of interdimensional and interconnected portals. You will enter these space gates so you can reach the shield more easily.