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Plants Vs Zombies


Welcome to the war between plants and zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a classic game redesigned with HTML technology to help players play it online. You will have to set up an army of plants to stop zombies.

This is probably a familiar game in the childhood of many gamers. Previously, you had to download this game to your device to experience it, but now you can play it directly on the browser. The game is about an invasion of zombies. These zombies want to enter your house and this is very dangerous. You must prevent them from overtaking the garden by planting special plants here. These plants will be weapons to help you fight zombies. You need to create strategies to position different plants. Additionally, you should also keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of the plants in your garden.

How to knock down zombies in Plants Vs Zombies

The zombies in this game have quite good endurance. Their endurance will also gradually increase as they are equipped with additional items. The more items zombies possess, the stronger they are.

Placing plants skillfully is the key to success

Each type of plant will have its own strengths and weaknesses and you need to understand them. Then you need to arrange them appropriately. For example, sunflowers that only provide sunlight but cannot fight should be placed near the house. Flowers that shoot bullets will be placed next to sunflowers to protect them.

It takes time in this game

After each time you place a plant, the cards need time to reload. After this reload time, you can continue to use that plant. The higher the plant's attack power, the longer its reload time. In addition, the amount of sunlight to buy them will also be a lot. Therefore, you need to save a lot of sunlight. Besides this game, you may like Hitbox.io.