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Welcome to the world of challenges

Hitbox.io is an exciting multiplayer game where you need to use your intelligence and agility to overcome many difficulties in this challenging game.

This game will create many rooms with different terrains. In this game, you will be placed in these rooms with another player. What you need to do is try to destroy your opponents. You and your opponent will control gray squares and attack each other whenever you encounter each other. In this game you will have to try to keep your square safe. The more opponents in a room, the more difficult the game will become.

Things to do to win in Hitbox.io

To win this io game, you need to fight and defend effectively. This game is very fun fight game but you may love some other fighting games such as Bloxd.io.


You will be a warrior with the ability to attack long range or close range. However, accurately attacking your opponent is quite difficult. You will have to angle it to shoot bullets at your opponent or approach your opponent to hit him with the stick. With just one shot or smash, your opponent will be knocked out instantly.

Avoid enemy attacks

You need to quickly dodge all of your opponent's attacks to avoid losing. Your opponents also have the same skills as you, so you need to limit close contact with them. Standing still will cause your character to be easily defeated, so move anywhere and anytime.