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Halloween Skeleton Smash


Drive a car in a strange place

You own a special car in Halloween Skeleton Smash which has many skeletons and monsters. Don't collide them with your car to avoid destroying the car.

Your background is a dark cemetery where many strange creatures appear on the way. Although there are many zombies and monsters, they're not terrible. They are designed with 2D cartoon style, so the enemies look so fun. Therefore, children can also play this game. You also can improve your driving skills through this game.

Move as far as possible in Halloween Skeleton Smash

Your car has two features that directly affect the distance it can move. They're the fuel and the broken features.

Collect the fuel

Moving can waste some fuel. If the fuel bar runs out of it, the game will end. Therefore, you always ensure the fuel is full. Where can you find the fuel? They're on the way and you just drive the car through them to collect them. The fuel doesn't appear continuously, so you can't waste it.

Avoid any dangers

The road is small and there are many dangers on the way. You need to sneak through these deadly traps. Coffins, trees, rocks, monsters are what you need to stay away from. Otherwise, your car will explode. Each time you collide with an obstacle, your car will be damaged a little. Until the red bar is exhausted, you will end the game. Besides this game, you also can play another game which is inspired by Halloween. It's Jet Halloween where you become a magical witch.

Game control: The car will move forward automatically, so you just need to use the left and right arrows to navigate the car.