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Halloween Knife


Throw the knives in this game

Halloween Knife allows you to throw knives to a moving target. After completing some levels, you can challenge the bosses who control the target move quickly.

You can see a circle that is rotating. Your mission is to shoot the knives into it. With the simple control and cartoon graphics, everyone can play this game. It runs on mobile or PC as long as your device is connected to the Internet. Many levels of this game can challenge any gamer. If you fail in one level, you must restart from level 1.

The game rules in Halloween Knife

You even don't need to read the guide but you still can play this simple game. You need to destroy the circle on the screen and collect as many pumpkins as possible.

Break the circle

The circle is in the middle of the screen and your knives are under it. Now, you just need to click the left mouse button to shoot the knives into the circle. There are a certain number of knives. If all knives are pinned to the circle, the target will be destroyed. The knives must not be pinned in the same position. Otherwise, you will lose. The target is always moving unpredictably, so you easily miss the shot.

Collect pumpkins

There are some pumpkins on the circle. You need to throw the knives into these pumpkins to get them. Keep an eye on the pumpkins which have the knives inside them. It's better to avoid these dangerous pumpkins. Besides, you also can collect some pumpkins by spinning the lucky wheel. You can get some new knives or pumpkins via this wheel. Then, you can use pumpkins to buy new skins for your knives. If you want to train your agility, you can't skip Slope Ball. This game is about the adventure of a ball into a strange world.