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Cubes 2048


Have fun with multiplayer games

Cubes 2048 takes players to a platform where they will have to fight each other through numbers. You need to destroy your opponents or they will defeat you.

This game retains the classic rules of the game 2048, but it is combined with the addictive gameplay of Gulper io. The graphics of this game are quite simple. You need to combine blocks of the same number together to create a larger number. Other players will have the same goal as you so you need to be quick to own the biggest number. If you are defeated, you lose that battle and you can press start to continue a new battle. Don't forget to set your username before participating in the battle.

Merge other blocks in Cubes 2048

You will be the strongest player when you own the biggest number. Therefore, you must increase the number of your blocks by any means possible.

Collect the blocks

You can see many available blocks appearing randomly on the platform. Get close and collect them to accumulate lots of blocks. You can take blocks with numbers smaller or equal to your largest number. Be careful with the opponents around you because they can attack you at any time. You can also take down some opponents with lower numbers than you or steal your opponent's blocks.

Merge the numbers

After you collect many blocks, they will automatically merge together to form a new block with a larger number. Only blocks with the same value can merge together. For small blocks that cannot be merged, they will join together to form a block snake.