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Gulper io


The battles of worms in this game

Gulper io turns you into a worm and you have to join many battles because any worm wants to be the most powerful. The big and long body can make them stronger.

In this game, you will be taken to a platform where many other players are also here. Each player controls a worm that needs energy to improve their power. The energy balls appear everywhere on the platforms. The defeated worms also release many energy balls. This game has unique graphics that design the worm with many dots. The more dots the worm has, the bigger its body is. For a more fun game, you should choose Geometry Dash Online.

The Gulper io gameplay

In this game, your final target is to get top 1 of a leaderboard. You can see this leaderboard on the right corner of the screen that shows your rank. Collecting the energy balls can help you increase your rank.

Collect many energy balls

Colorful and glowing energy balls on a dark background. You just need to get close to collect these energy balls. They will automatically appear in any location. You have a way to earn multiple energy balls at once. That is to attack and defeat other worms. The bigger the worm, the more energy balls there will be.

Attack your opponent with length

The head of every worm is its weak point. If a rear animal collides head-on with a barrier or another animal's body, it will be instantly defeated. At this point, you can use the worm's long body to surround another worm. Then you can easily take it down. This is a great tactic when your worm has an incredible length. If your worm is too small, it's best to avoid it.