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Cat And Ghosts


Cat And Ghosts is about a cat that protects its owner to sleep peacefully from annoying ghosts. Try not to let them wake your owner for as long as possible.

Plot of Cat And Ghosts

Dracula needs some sleep after a tiring day of work. He was exhausted and needed some sleep. A good night's sleep can help him recover his strength quickly to continue his mission. However, he cannot sleep normally like other normal people. The ghosts that bother him at night won't let him sleep, that's why he keeps a cat with the purpose of using the cat to chase away those annoying ghosts. As a cat, help your owner have a peaceful sleep.

Unlimited sleep days

Dracula can sleep a lot, he can sleep many nights without having to get up to eat and do other things. The more days he sleeps, the more energy he will have. And so that your owner can sleep a lot, you need to chase away annoying ghosts so that they don't wake him up.

Three lives for the journey to banish ghosts

Three lives correspond to three times your master was awakened by annoying ghosts. To know whether you have lost a life or not depends on the percentage of the owner's sleep quality. It will gradually decrease from 100 percent as more ghosts interfere. When your sleep quality reaches 0 percent, you lose a life.

Pay attention to the time one night

One night's sleep doesn't last much, but to maintain uninterrupted sleep is very difficult because the ghosts will become more and more annoying. Try not to let the ghosts accomplish their purpose. You can also help his cat do some other things in Magic Cat Academy to complete his mission.