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Table Tennis World Tour


Play table tennis online through this game

Table Tennis World Tour makes you become a professional table tennis player and you have the opportunity to participate in the world table tennis tournament.

This game has satisfied all table tennis fans. With realistic and vivid graphics, this game accurately depicts the movements of the table tennis ball and table tennis racket. There are no characters in this game because you control the racket at the first view. Just like playing table tennis in real life, you need flexible hands and sharp observation. You also love another sport, so why don't you try Retro Bowl. This retro game simulates the classic American football.

Get 11 points first in Table Tennis World Tour

This game doesn't have a timer but it sets up the point target for players. If a player gets 11 points first, he or she will get the victory.

Hitting the ball makes the opponent unable to block it

You can create the toughest shots for your opponent in this table tennis game. Fast and strong hits to the ball will give the opponent no time to react and block it. When the ball touches the opponent's table without them being able to block it, you score a point. However, if the ball falls straight to the ground without bouncing on the table, your opponent will be awarded 1 point.

Win the rounds

Every time you win in a level, you will face a new opponent in the world. Like a real table tennis tournament, you must pass many rounds to win the championship. You must choose the flag of the country you want to play for. Then, show off your great table tennis abilities through this game.