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Perfect Peel


Peel everything in this game

Perfect Peel is a truly entertaining game for anyone who is stressed. You need to use the provided tool to separate the outer shell of a fruit in this game.

Peeling a fruit will make you feel relaxed. However, you don't have much time or fruit to do it in real life. Why don't you try this online peeling game now? You only need an internet-connected device to enjoy this fun game. This game has no time limit or opponents like in Shell Shockers. So, you can slowly complete your task.

How to play Perfect Peel

You will be given a sharp tool that can peel anything. The target will rotate continuously and you just need to move the peeler into the appropriate position.

Stretch the shell as much as possible

You can peel anything but you need to make sure to peel it consistently. When the length of the shell reaches a certain scoop, you can get a key. Once you have all 3 keys, you can choose 3 mysterious chests. These chests will contain coins that will help you buy new peelers. This is not a mandatory quest so you can choose not to complete it.

Peel a variety of fruits and objects

In this game, you not only peel fruits but also many other objects such as shoes, tennis balls, basketballs, etc. They will have different shapes so there will be some challenges for you. I hope you can overcome these challenges.