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Only Up


Discover a parkour game with unique gameplay

Only Up is famous for its unique and challenging gameplay recently. You will jump on stacked objects to escape the ground and reach the universe.

In Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block, you control a stickman to jump from one platform to another platform to reach the destination. However, the gameplay will change in this game. The distance between the ground and the destination is very far. The objects are stacked together which create the road to go to the finish line. You have to navigate your character to jump on these objects. If you fall down at a point, you have to continue the game at that point even at the start point.

Jump to reach the galaxy in Only Up

In this game, the distance to reach the galaxy is very long and challenging. You must be careful in each movement because you may fall to the ground with one mistake.

Jump slowly

If you are a beginner in this game or you even are a pro gamer, it's better to move slowly. The size of each object is different, so some of them are very small. Of course, it's hard to move on these small objects. Therefore, you can run quickly in these small objects.

Observe environment

Before jumping, you must define your jumping position. You can swipe the mouse around to observe the environment. Then, you can know where it is safe to jump. Don't jump too far because the character only jumps for a certain distance.