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Flappy Bird


The bird's flying adventure

Flappy Bird is a highly popular game with a simple yet challenging concept, addicting players of all ages with its impressive gameplay. Good luck!

Move the bird flying through the water pipes

You control a small bird character and navigate it through a series of obstacles in the form of green pipes. The bird automatically moves forward, and the player's task is to tap the screen (or press a button) to make the bird flap its wings and fly upward. You need to fly over the pipes without hitiing them. For each successful passage through a set of pipes, you will earn a point.

Skillful control

The difficulty of the challenge is the most special point. The controls were simple, but the game required precise timing and hand-eye coordination to maneuver the bird through narrow openings. Colliding with any obstacle means instant game over, forcing players to start from the beginning.

Outstanding social network phenomenon

Not too outstanding in terms of graphics, but the game has become a viral phenomenon and attracted many people's interest. It gained millions of downloads and soared to the top of the app store charts. The game's addictive nature and its "easy to learn, hard to master" mechanic contributed to its success. However, its difficulty also frustrates many players.

The Flappy Bird information

In February 2014, Dong Nguyen unexpectedly decided to remove the game from app stores, stating that the game's popularity had become too overwhelming for him. Its sudden disappearance created a lot of buzz and led to a surge in demand for the game.

Since then, this game has become a symbol of the mobile gaming craze and the viral nature of app store successes. While the original game is no longer available for download, its impact on the gaming industry and its status as a cultural phenomenon cannot be denied.