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Drac And Franc: Dungeon Adventure


Become the legendary characters in the Halloween festival

Carnival festival has arrived. Dracula and Frankenstein are two legendary characters that many people always choose to dress up as. These are also two characters with horror storylines that are very suitable for this spooky Halloween atmosphere.

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the enchanting world of Drac And Franc: Dungeon Adventure, a captivating 2-player platform-adventure game with a spine-tingling horror theme.

Prepare yourself for a unique and unforgettable experience as you assume the roles of two adorable yet spooky characters: Dracula and Frankenstein. Together, you will venture deep into the sinister depths of a foreboding dungeon, where even more menacing monsters lie in wait.

Collect essential items for each character

Your mission is to collect essential items throughout your journey. Dracula must gather vials of blood, while Frankenstein collects metal screws. Additionally, keep a keen eye out for valuable crystals scattered throughout the dungeon. These items play a critical role in progressing through each level. Your ultimate objective is to find the exit door, which signifies the completion of each perilous stage.

Pay attention to the time

Time is of the essence, as you race against the clock to finish each level as quickly as possible. However, be wary of dangerous spikes, traps, and other obstacles that obstruct your path. Success in Drac And Franc: Dungeon Adventure hinges on teamwork, often requiring you to stack characters or use each other as platforms to reach greater heights and overcome challenges.

How to navigate the character

To navigate the game effectively, you must master the art of coordination. One character is controlled using the WASD keys, while the other character is controlled using the ARROW keys. These controls allow you to maneuver your chosen monsters with precision, making calculated jumps and traversing treacherous terrain.

Conclusion about Drac And Franc: Dungeon Adventure

Are you fully prepared and brimming with confidence to embark on this spine-tingling adventure. Take on the roles of Drac and Franc, collaborate with your partner, and brace yourselves for an unforgettable experience. Traverse the chilling dungeons, collect essential items, and conquer each level before time slips away.