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Color Tunnel


How to play Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel brings the most thrilling experience when you have to move at a high speed in a tunnel. Passing many levels in this game to conquer it.

Move to the left or right

This game is a fast-paced game but it's different from Geometry Dash Online. Instead of navigating a small geometry, you will experience this game at the first view. Your way is a colorful tunnel that contains many red obstacles on it. These obstacles are set up along the road and you must be quick to avoid them. Let's press the left or right arrows to avoid any objects on the way. Almost all obstacles can move quickly and unpredictably which makes the game more challenging.

Reach the end of the tunnel to pass a level

Each level has a short path for players to experience. Therefore, to complete a level, you must go to the end of the path. Then, you will move to the new level without having break time. Of course, if you bump into any red objects, you must restart the game at the first level. Therefore, many players say that this game can test your patience and concentration. How many levels can you pass in the Color Tunnel?

Tips to move for a far distance in Color Tunnel

A leaderboard in this game shows off the best players who move the longest way. It means you have to move as far as possible in this game to put your name on the leaderboard. The leaderboard also is divided according to time such as 7 days, 30 days, or all time. Now, I will show you some tips to move a long way.

  • Practicing is the key to conquering any game including this fast-paced game. You just need to play one time to know the rules of this game but it takes a lot of time mastering the operation.
  • Playing this first-view game in full-screen mode brings the best experience to you. If you can play on a big screen, this game can make you addicted.
  • Estimating the time to avoid the obstacles is very necessary. You can't move left or right too late because the obstacles are moveable. I hope with these tips, you can conquer this challenging game.