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Bubble Tower 3D


Experience realistic 3D graphics in Bubble Tower 3D

You need to clear all the balls on the column in Bubble Tower 3D. You will be provided with random colored balls to match the balls stuck on the column.

For simple entertainment games like SSRB Ball: Suika Game, the graphics are often designed in a fun cartoon style. However, in this game, you will see realistic graphics from objects to movements. 3D graphics allow you to rotate the column and observe the balls from many different angles and sides. This is what makes this ball shooting game different from other games.

Score lots of points by clearing bubbles in Bubble Tower 3D

Each time you clear a certain number of balls, you can score a certain number of points. The more bubbles you pop at once, the higher the score you earn. This game only counts the highest score you can score because there are no levels.

Don't let the ball touch the bottom

On the column, you will see a red line near the bottom of the column. That is the limit point where you cannot let any ball touch it. Therefore, you need to quickly destroy the balls near that line. There will be new waves of balls appearing on the column. If you cannot make room for these new balls, you will probably lose the game.

Rotate the column to shoot the ball

The balls will not lie on a flat surface, so you need to rotate the pillars to have a comprehensive view of all the balls. This is a unique point in this game that makes many players quite excited. How about you? Do you love this game?