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Basket Monsterz


Join the basketball game in Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz is a game that combines fun cartoon monster animals and basketball shooting gameplay! Play as various villainous creatures playing basketball, including iconic figures like Satan and Bigfoot.

Get ready to participate in an exhilarating basketball tournament and progress through each stage by going head-to-head against different monsters in one-on-one matches. Your objective is to score as many baskets as possible within the allotted time during each game.

How to control basketball

To throw the ball, you'll use your mouse to control the gameplay. Design the perfect shooting arc, adjust the power, and aim your throw with precision. Once you have positioned your throw, click the left mouse button to release the ball and attempt to score.

How to win against opponents

The first player to reach 11 points emerges as the winner. Every basket you make awards you one point towards your score. As you win matches, you earn stars that can be used to unlock additional monster characters, adding more variety to your gameplay. Can you improve your basketball skills and conquer the major competition?

Like many other basketball games, your mission is to throw the ball into your opponent's basket as much as possible to become the winner. Have both attack and reasonable defense to score the most goals and not let the opponent get the ball into any basket.

The characters in this game are inspired by different villains from classic cartoons. They represent evil forces with the desire to become the person with the strongest evil power.

Conclusion about Basket Monsterz

Simply move the pointer around the screen to aim your shots. Your primary goal is to reach 11 points before your opponent to secure victory in the match. So, step onto the court, showcase your shooting prowess, and strive for success in the exciting world of Basket Monsterz!