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Bad Ice Cream


The adventure of an ice cream start now

Bad Ice Cream is about the adventure of a bad ice cream that has a special ability. You have to face many powerful enemies in this hard game.

In this game, ice cream breaks into a base that contains many juicy fruits. This ice cream wants to eat all the fruits in this base. However, many bodyguards guard these fruits, so you need to help with this ice cream. This game allows you to play with your friends in 2-player mode. If one of the ice creams fails, the game will end immediately. Therefore, cooperation is very important in 2-player mode. If you want to experience a game with more thrilling scenes, you can play Geometry Dash Online.

Pass many challenges of each level in Bad Ice Cream

This game has many levels which all have different enemies and challenges. You need to plan some strategies to overcome all the difficulties of this game.

Create barriers to prevent enemies

Your enemies have different abilities. Some enemies can fly while others can break many ice blocks at once. Don't let any monster access your character by creating many ice blocks. These blocks can hold the villain back for a short time. You also can break blocks one by one, so you can open the road for yourself.

Eat fruits

It's better to collect the fruits which are near your character first. Then, you should move to a safe area to eat fruits. Finally, you access the dangerous area to collect fruits. When you face the enemies, you must be calm to avoid their attack.