Geometry Dash Online

Some interesting information about Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online is the best fast-paced game that is recognized by many players. You need to coordinate smoothly between jumping and landing on the ground.

Online version

If you are a big fan of fast-paced games, you can't skip Geometry Dash Online. This version has more levels than the other fan-made levels. You don't need to download and install this game because it can be accessed on different browsers. This game can run on smartphones, tablets, or even on the PC. With 15 levels, this game can satisfy the most demanding players. Because this game is an online version, an Internet connection is required.

Music and graphics

Compared to the fanmade versions on Scratch, the online fan-made version has much more vivid graphics and sound. The colors of the background and characters are no longer so simple. The flashing light changes with each movement of the geometry. Furthermore, the game sounds are also linked to the movement of the geometry. Each level has different game music, showing the investment of the game creator.

Control in different devices

You just need to tap on the screen to control the character and press the character in the PC.

The game rules in Geometry Dash Online

Each level contains a different road which always has an endpoint. In this game, you must reach these endpoints to complete a level. Of course, thousands of obstacles are waiting for you ahead. The control skills aren't enough to conquer this game because you have to overcome the sudden obstacles. Therefore, you also need to improve your agility to conquer this game.

Keep the geometry safe

Your main character is a geometry that can move forward automatically. Thus, you just need to jump the geometry up or fly it in the air. You need to make sure that the geometry is not hit hard by objects along the way. Dangers such as monsters, spikes, or block edges will directly threaten your geometry. What you need to do is avoid the dangers above. Your character does not possess any weapons or fighting abilities but can only jump or fly in the air. You will take advantage of this skill to escape all dangers. Don't try to approach the dangers along the way. When jumping the geometry, you must estimate the time to jump. If you jump too soon or too late, the character will collide with the obstacles.

Reach the end of the road

As I mentioned, only by going through the final point in the road, you can pass a level in this game. You have to overcome hundreds of thrones and deadly traps when moving on the road. The changing terrain also brings many challenges to players. Don't make any mistakes while moving because you have to restart at the starting point with one collision. You may be annoyed if you have to restart at the first point as soon as your progress bar is 95%.

Side quests for professional players

While participating in the race, you see big gold coins. They sometimes appear randomly in certain locations. Collecting them does not help you gain more experience or reach the finish line quickly. This is considered a side quest that many professional players set. They will move the character and try to observe to locate the gold coin. You only have a few seconds to locate the coins and get them. Each level will have 3 different gold coins. Some players have to replay many times to get these 3 rare gold coins. Therefore, this side quest is not recommended for beginners.

Features worth mentioning in the Geometry Dash Online game

Not only keeping the addictive gameplay and unique characters, some features such as costumes and modes are also worthy of praise. These features make the game more attractive and bring more convenience to players.

Change your outfit

In older versions, you had to collect coins or complete some missions to unlock some outfits. However, in this online version, you just need to go to the main menu and choose your favorite skins. With dozens of options for each type of character, you're sure to love the variety. The special thing is that these skins are available without paying. Furthermore, you are allowed to change the color of any set of skins.

Select one of two modes

This game has normal and practice modes. Each level is set up with a practice mode and a normal mode to meet the needs of players of all abilities. In practice mode, the added points are checkpoints while the obstacles or terrain of this mode will be no different from normal mode. Checkpoint helps you save game data along the way. If you hit anything somewhere, you can start over at that point. If you play in normal mode, hitting other obstacles causes you to start everything from the beginning. Once you get familiar with the terrain and obstacles in practice mode, quickly challenge yourself with regular mode.


To add more excitement to the game, several achievements have appeared. You will see these achievements are arranged from easy to difficult. For example, easy achievements like completing Stereo Madness in Practice mode, completing Stereo Madness in Normal mode, etc will be quickly accomplished. However, achievements such as completing base after base in Normal mode will take quite a while to complete.


In the main menu, you will see your statistics for the total number of times you played this game. These statistics will show you total jumps, total attempts, collected stars, collected diamonds, total orbs collected, completed levels, etc. You can summarize what you have achieved after reviewing these statistics.

The different forms of geometry in Geometry Dash Online

In this game, geometric characters have 3 main forms including square, UFO, and robot. Square and the robot are controlled the same and they avoid obstacles by jumping. However, the UFO will move through the air. If the UFO flies too high or too low, it will cause it to collide with obstacles on the ground and ceiling. Sometimes, you also need to avoid blocks in the air. When the character is in UFO form, try to keep it flying in the air. Characters can change forms immediately after going through portals in a level.